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Friday, October 06, 2017

Miss Mary Wellesley 1915-2017

__. Miss Mary Wellesley, who died 28 September, 2017, aged 102, was a scion of the Dukes of Wellington.

She was born posthumously, 8 January, 1915, second daughter of Capt Lord Richard Wellesley, of the Grenadier Guards (1879-1914), who was killed in action, 29 Oct, 1914, by his wife the former Louise Nesta Pamela FitzGerald (died 1946),, daughter of Sir Maurice FitzGerald, 2nd Baronet, CVO, 20th Knight of Kerry. Her mother married secondly, in 1917, her first husband's brother, Major Lord George Wellesley (1889-1967).

Mary Wellesley was a granddaughter of the 4th Duke of Wellington, KG, GCVO (1849-1934). She was unmarried.


Boscawen/Dyer engagement

__. The engagement was announced 6 October, 2017, between Veryan John Hugh Boscawen (born 1987), scion of the Viscounts Falmouth, elder son of Colonel Hugh Geoffrey Robert Boscawen (born 1954), by his wife the former Alexandra Mary-Monique Eden, & Tamara C. Dyer, elder daughter of Mr & Mrs Leslie Dyer.


Cotton/Bridges engagement

_. The engagement was announced 6 October, 2017, between Edward D. Cotton, elder son of Mr Neil Cotton, of Fernhurst, west Sussex, and Mrs Christine Cotton, of Poole, Dorset, & the Hon Camilla Frances Iona Bridges (born 1985), middle daughter of the 3rd Baron Bridges (born 25 Jul 1954), of Berwick St John, Wiltshire, by his wife the former Angela Margaret Collinson.


Cleopatra Frederica Madeline von Westenholz (b 2017)

__. To Caroline Anna Christine Sieber and Frederick Patrick Piers von Westenholz, a daughter, Cleopatra Drederica Madeline, born 29 September, 2017, a sister for Electra, who was born 15 Dec, 2015.


Burke/Kennedy engagement

__. The engagement was announced 5 Oct, 2017, between Daniel J. Burke, son of Marshall and Carol Burke, of Ohio, United States, and the Lady Alicia-Jane Lesley Kennedy (born 1981), daughter of the 8th Marquess of Ailsa (1956-2015), by his wife the former Dawn Leslie Anne Keen.


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Pamela Lady Blunden (d 2017)

__. Pamela Lady Blunden, who died 15 September, 2017, aged 94, was the widow of the 6th Baronet, of Castle Blunden, Kilkenny, Ireland, who died in 1985. She was the former Pamela Purser.

Funeral Service to be held at St. Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny on 29th September 2017.


Thomas Patrick Milne Home (b 2017)

__. Katherine Elizabeth Jane Milne Home (nee Wright, b 1984), wife of Michael John Milne Home (b 1981), scion of that landed family, gave birth to a son, Thomas Patrick, 14 September, 2017.

Michael John (b 1981 reg Kirkcaldy ref 421/688) s of Patrick George A. MILNE HOME, scion of the Scots gentry family HOME-ROBERTSON (formerly Milne Home) of Wedderburn and Paxton, by his 1975 m (reg Huntly ref 317/46) to (Grace) Caroline (b 1951 reg Aberdeen Southern Districk ref 168/2 566) d of J A INGLEBY of Invermarkie, Glass, Huntly, Aberdeenshire.

He m c2015 Katherine Elizabeth Jane (b 1984) d of Malcolm WRIGHT and Sylvia Araby Jane (b 1954, d of Nicholas Cole McCLINTOCK CBE (1916-2001), scion of the Irish gentry family of that name and of the Scots ELPHINSTONE family, and Pamela Sylvia MANSEL (b 1926), scion of the Bts of that name).


Hon Rose Wynsome Monckton 1937-2017

_. The Hon Rose Monckton, who died 23 September, 2017, aged 80, was a scion of the Viscounts Galway.

She was born Rose Wynsome Monckton, 11 March, 1937, daughter of the 11th Viscount (1900-80), by his wife, the former Kathleen Joyce Musgrave (1903-75), scion of the Musgrave baronets. Unmarried.

 Funeral Service to be held at St Peter & St Paul Church, Chiselborough, Somerset, Friday 13 Oct, 2017.


Lady Paulina Mary Louise Hadley 1930-2017

__. The Lady Paulina Hadley, who died 25 September, 2017, aged 87, was a scion of the Earls of Cottenham.

She was born Lady Paulina Mary Louise Pepys, 14 June, 1930, second daughter of the 6th Earl of Cottenham (1903-43), by his wife the former Sybil Venetia Taylor (who was later Countess of Devon, wife of the 17th Earl); married 1973, Denis Bernard Hadley.

The funeral is at St Clement's Church, Powderham, Devon, Monday 30 October, 2017.


Hon Catherine Frances Lilian Bream (d 2017)

__. The Hon Catherine Bream (nee Berry), who died 27 September, 2017, was a scion of the Viscounts Kemsley, daughter of the 2nd Viscount (1909-99) by his wife the former Lady Helen Candida Hay (1913-2011), scion of the Marquesses of Tweeddale.

She married in 1969, Richard Douglas Fowler Bream (b 1936), by whom she had issue.

 Funeral Service will be held at St Mary the Virgin, Osgathorpe on 16th October, 2017.


Henry Wolfe Bullock-Webster (born 2017)

__. Lucinda Jane Bullock-Webster (nee Tar, born 1981), wife of Captain James Richard H.L. Bullock-Webster, Irish Guards,. (b 1981)— gave birth to a son, Henry Wolfe, 18 September, 2017, in London, a brother for Evelyn & Pandora.

Capt Bullock-Webster is the only son of Lieutenant Colonel Robin James Stirling Bullock-Webster (b 1944), of South Kensington, by his wife the former Maria Della Buenaño.

Lucinda Bullock-Webster is the younger daughter of Major (Leslie) Christopher Tar, of Compton, Devon, by his wife the former Jacqueline Westaway.

Capt Bullock-Webster's mother married 1stly 1971, the 6th Earl Cowley (1946-75), who collapsed and died suddenly whilst playing squash at the age of 29. Maria Countess Cowley married Lt-Col Robin Bullock-Webster in 1980. Capt B-W has 2 half-sisters, Lady Alexia Wellesley, b 1973, and Lady Caroline Wellesley b 1976 (posthumously).


Eloise Alexandra Baring/Henry Windham Rowland Baring (born 2017)

__. Jennifer M. Baring (nee Wredberg), wife of Rowley (Dan) Mark Thomas Baring (b 1977), scion of the Earls of Cromer (cr 1901), gave birth to twins, a daughter, Eloise Alexandra, and a son, Henry Windham Rowland, 6 September, 2017.

Rowley Baring, sometime Page of Honour to HM Queen Elizabeth II, is the elder son of the Hon Vivian John Rowland Baring (b 1950), of Gloucestershire, by his wife (and cousin) the former Lavinia Gweneth Baring.

Jennifer Baring is the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Lars Wredberg, of Vienna, Austria.

Rowley Baring is a grandson of the late 3rd Earl of Cromer. His mother, Lavinia, was Lady-in-Waiting to Diana, Princess of Wales, 1981-92.


Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Lord Roger David Manners 1925-2017

__. Lord Roger Manners, who has died aged 92, was a scion of the Dukes of Rutland, born 23 September, 1925, third son of the 9th Duke of Rutland (1886-1940).

His mother was the former Kathleen Tennant (who died in 1989), scion of the Barons Glenconner.

Lord Roger, who lived at Heddington, Wiltshire, married 8 March, 1965, Finola St Lawrence Daubeney, by whom he had two daughters, Moira, born in 1966, and Phoebe, who was born in 1968.

The funeral takes place 18 Oct, 2017, at Belvoir Castle, seat of his nephew, the 11th Duke of Rutland.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Lady Michael Fitzalan Howard c1919-2017

__. Lady Michael Fitzalan Howard, who died 23 September, 2017, aged 98, was the second wife, and widow of Major-Gen Lord Michael Fitzalan-Howard, KCVO, CB, CBE, MC (1916-2007), scion of the Dukes of Norfolk.

She was Victoria Winifred (Vita) Russell, daughter of Colonel Reginald Russell, CVO, CBE, DSO, and married firstly, 1949, Maj Sir Mark Baring, KCVO (1916-88), scion of the Earls of Cromer, by whom she had 2 daughters; married 2ndly, 1997, Maj-Gen Lord Michael Fitzalan Howard, yr brother of the 17th Duke of Norfolk.

Her elder daughter, Lavinia, was Extra Lady-in-Waiting to Diana, Princess of Wales.


Vesper Evelyn Tyler (born 2017)

_. The Hon Lucinda Jane Tyler (b 21 Apr, 1976), scion of the Barons Stamp, and wife of Michael Tyler, gave birth to a daughter, Vesper Evelyn, 14 September, 2017.

Michael Tyler is the son of Mr Terrence Tyler and the late Lyn Tyler, of Morpeth, Northumberland, & the Hon Lucinda Tyler is a daughter of the 4th Baron Stamp (b 18 Sept, 1935), by his second wife, the former Carol Anne Russell.


Lyon-Smith/Tollemache engagement

__. The engagement was announced 27 September, 2017, between Mr W.H. (Harry) Lyon-Smith, son of the late Mr & Mrs David Lyon-Smith, of Gidleigh, Devon, & Juliet Elsie Tollemache (born 1974), scion of the Barons Tollemache, daughter of Mr Michael Humphrey Tollemache (b 1930), of Tollemache Hall, near Ipswich, by his wife the former Gay O'Grady Thompson.


Pelham/Kermiche engagement

__. The engagement was announced 27 September, 2017, between the Hon William Charles John Walter Pelham (born 28 December, 1991), second son of the 8th Earl of Yarborough (born 5 Nov, 1963), by his wife the Countess of Yarborough (nee Anna-Karin Zecevic), of Brocklesby, Lincolnshire, & Anissa Kermiche, daughter of the late Mr Larbi Kermiche & Ms Hamida Trabelsi, of Paris, France.


Veronica Countess of Lucan (died 2017)

__. Veronica Countess of Lucan, wife of the 7th Earl of Lucan, was found dead at her home in Belgravia, 26 September, 2017. She was 80.

Lady Lucan was born Veronica Mary Duncan, daughter of Major Charles Moorhouse Duncan, MC, and married, 28 Nov, 1963, Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, by whom she had issue, a son, and two daughters.

following the disappearance of his father (who if still living is wanted for questioning by the police in connection with the murder of his children's nanny, Sandra Rivett), Mr Justice Morritt, sitting in the Chancery Division of the High Court on 11 Dec 1992, gave the Trustees of the then Lord Bingham liberty to administer the 7th Earl of Lucan's estate under the presumption that he was dead; leave was also granted to have the 7th Earl of Lucan's death sworn in the Family Division of the High Court; following the custom of succession in undisputed Irish peerages, Lord Bingham assumed his father's title as 8th Earl of Lucan and on 8 Dec 1998 he applied to the Lord Chancellor for a writ of summons to the House of Lords as Baron Bingham (a United Kingdom peerage created in 1934 for his great-grandfather) but was refused; it remains open to him to apply to the Registrar of Peerages for inclusion on the Peerage Roll as Earl of Lucan.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

North David Monnington More Nisbett (born 2017)

__. Charlotte F.D. More Nisbett (nee Davison), wife of William D.H. (Billy) More Nisbett, scion of that landed family, gave birth to a son, North David Monnington, 18 September, 2017.

Billy More Nisbett, descended from the Earls of Stair, is the son of George Alan More Nisbett, of The Drum, Edinburgh, by his wife the former Patrea MacDonald.

Charlotte More Nisbett is a daughter of the late Mr David Davison and of Mrs Davison, of North Canterbury, New Zealand.

Billy's great-great-grandmother was Lady Agnes Dalrymple, dau of the 9th Earl of Stair.


Lady Mary Rosemary Marie-Gabrielle Mansel Lewis (1930-2017)

_. The Lady Mary Mansel Lewis, who died 7 September, 2017, aged 87, was a scion of the Earls of Wharncliffe.

She was born Lady Mary Rosemary Marie-Gabrielle Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 11 June, 1930, fourth daughter of the 3rd Earl of Wharncliffe (1892-1953), by his wife the former Lady Maud Lilian Elfreda Mary Wentworth-Fitzwilliam (died 1979), daughter of the 7th Earl Fitzwilliam; married 15 Apr, 1953, Sir David Courtenay Mansel Lewis, KCVO (1927-2009) of Sradley Castle, Llanelli, by whom she had issue.

She was a sister of the late 4th Earl of Wharncliffe. Her husband was Lord Lieutenant of Dyfed 1979-2002. He died 17 Apr, 2009, aged 81.


Ivo Wood (born 2017)

_. The Hon Henrietta Rose (Hatta) Wood (nee Byng, born 1977), wife of Charles Browne Martin Wood (b 1973), gave birth to a son, Ivo, 12 September, 2017, a brother for Jago (known as Compost) b 2012, and Margot (Maggot), who was born in 2015.

Charles (Charlie) Browne Martin WOOD (b 1973) s of Simon Richard Browne WOOD (b 1947, scion of the WOOLLCOMBE gentry family formerly of ASHBURY) and his former wife Clare Launa FITZALAN HOWARD (b 1949), scion of the Dukes of NORFOLK, the earls of ALBEMARLE and gentry family GREENWOOD of Swarcliffe Hall. He m 2011 Hon Henrietta (Hatta) Rose BYNG (b 1977) d of 11th Viscount TORRINGTON (b 1943) and Susan Honor d of Michael George Thomas WEBSTER, scion of the CONYNGHAM marquesses.


Maya Romey Alexandra Wilson (born 2017)

__.Princess Maria Theresia von Thurn und Taxis (b 28 Nov, 1980), wife of Hugo J.A.S. Wilson (b 1982), artist, gave birth to a daughter, Maya Romey Alexandra, 21 September, 2017, a sister for Mafalda Beatrix Maria, who was b 21 Aug, 2015.

Hugo Wilson is the son of Mr Kenneth Wilson, of East Chisenbury, Wiltshire, and Mrs Diana Wilson, of Battersea, London, & Princess Maria Theresia von Thurn und Taxis is the eldest daughter of Gloria, Princess von Thurn und Taxis (b 23 Feb 1960), (nee Mariae Gloria Ferdinanda Gerda Charlotte Teutonia Franziska Margarethe Frederike Simone Johanna Joachima Josefine Wilhelmine Huberta Countess of Schönburg in Glauchau and Waldenburg)of Schloss St Emmeram, Regensburg, Germany, and the late Johannes, Prince von Thurn und Taxis (1926-1990).

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Cunning/Durlacher engagement

_. The engagement was announced 23 September, 2017, between Matthew R. Cunning, younger son of Mr & Mrs Leslie Cunning, of Calgary, Canada, & Susanna Mary Durlacher (born 1982), younger daughter of Mr William Durlacher, of Langham, Essex, by his wife the former Elizabeth Mary Allhusen (b 1952), scion of that landed family, of Chevenix-Trench descent, &c.


Buxton/Babington engagement

__. The engagement was announced 23 September, 2017, between Christopher John Noel Buxton (born 1988), scion of the Barons Noel-Buxton, son of the Hon Simon Campden Buxton (1943), of Tormarton, Gloucestershire, by his wife the former Alison D. Liddle, & Margaret B. Babington, daughter of Mr & Mrs Joseph Babington, of Mobile, Alabama.


Arabella Olive Ponsonby (born 2017)

__. Joanna L. Ponsonby (nee Hunt), wife of Arthur Ashley Ponsonby (born 15 Sept, 1984), scion of the Ponsonby baronets (Bt UK, cr 1956), gave birth to a daughter, Arabella Olive, 21 September, 2017.

Arthur Ponsonby is the son and heir of Sir Charles Ashley Ponsonby, 3rd Baronet (b 10 June, 1951), of Woodstock, co Oxford, by his wife the former ,Mary Priscilla Bromley Davenport.

Joanna Ponsonby is a daughter of Mr Thomas Hunt, of Lowdham, co Nottingham, & Mrs Alan Stokoe, of Hexham, Northumberland.

Hon Stella Beatrice Grace Wallop (born 2017)

___Flora Wallop, styled Viscountess Lymington (nee Pownall), wife of Oliver Henry Rufus Wallop, styled Viscount Lymington (born 22 Dec, 1981), scion of the Earls of Portsmouth (Earl, GB, cr 1743), gave birth to a daughter, the Hon Stella Beatrice Grace Wallop, 14 September, 2017.

Viscount Lymington is the only son and heir of the 10th Earl of Portsmouth (b 25 July, 1954), of Farleigh Wallop, Hampshire, by his first wife, the former Candida Frances Juliet McWilliam (now Mrs Candida Dinshaw, of Edinburgh).

Flora Lymington is the second daughter of Mr George Pownall, of London, by his wife the former Elfreda Wadsworth.


Friday, September 22, 2017

Mountain/Pratt engagement

_. The engagement was announced 22 September, 2017, between Captain Thomas Denis Edward Mountain, The Blues & Royals (b 14 Aug, 1989), scion of the Mountain baronets, eldest son and heir of Sir Edward Mountain, 4th Baronet (b 19 March, 1961), of Delfur Lodge, Moray, by his wife the former Charlotte Sarah Jesson Pownall, & Bethany Amy Margaret Pratt (b 1987), daughter of Mr Marcus Pratt, of Brighton, West Sussex, by his late wife the former Ruth Blake.